Our Story

The idea for Monrõ found its birth in the early 90’s at a time when the marriage between fashion and outdoor gear had yet to take place:

Like-minded people found that despite searching far and wide, Fashionable gear was scarce. Unable to find what they were looking for, Their feeling of want for these items seemed to build up day by day.

With this feeling in mind, Hajime Nakano and Yumi Mori happened to meet on a shared project at the 2007 Fuji Rock Festival.
By chance, both had long work experience in the fashion industry, enjoyed a diverse range of music, and travelled to festivals all around the country and abroad – they instantly felt apart of the same tribe.

Later, as they became friends, together with their families, they started to go camping and enjoy nature.

Along with familiar faces, they surfed, climbed mountains, and went to campsites and festival grounds.
Like gypsies, they loaded everything in their car, travelling from here and there,
Sometimes chasing the waves, sometimes setting out to conquer the tops of mountains, and other times finding enchantment in music.

One day, at a campsite a conversation took place:
“Have you ever wondered why all the tents and tarps look the same?”
“There should be colorful ones, cool ones, and cute ones too, don’t you think?”
From this exchange of words, they started a search for any products that might fit their description. However, their search turned up nothing.

Unable to find what they were looking for,
Their feeling of want for these items seemed to build up day by day.

From then, Hajime and Yumi made the decision to start a new life-style brand based on their shared interests in fashion, music, the outdoors, and family.

They desired to create graphic outdoor gear that married style and functionality – bringing the world of fashion to the outdoors.

The field test of their first prototype took place at “Asagiri Jam,” a festival Hajime and Yumi frequented every year. In the fields of plain tents and gear, Monrõ’s items contrasted wonderfully.
Four years later, they were finally able to manage the first exhibition of their new brand. Their work culminated in Spring 2010, when Monrõ made its official debut.


Hajime Nakano
In the late 80’s, Hajime attended his first outdoor rave when he was high-teen, an experience he bills with changing his life. Since then, he made the decision to pursue happiness through his love of outdoor gear and nature. His interests naturally evolved from just “spending time outdoors” into a lifestyle he calls, “Outside Living,” and for more than 20 years now, he has spent his time enjoying surfing, parties, and mountain climbing.

Yumi Mori
Shortly after entering Bunka Fashion College in 1990, Yumi unexpectedly found herself befriending classmates with a love for the outdoors – with them, she spent her much of her time exploring nature. These experiences deeply influenced her own style, which came to infuse the outdoors and fashion with brands like Patagonia, L.L.Bean, NIKE ACG, among others. After graduation she found work as a member of the planning staff for companies like HELLY HANSEN, and BERT PULITZER. Her first outdoor festival was a terrible storm 1997 Fuji Rock Festival, and since then she has also experienced a tornado, thunderstorm and blistering heat at the American BONNAROO Festival. Because of these experiences she has sought to combine uncompromising quality and fashion into outdoor gear and apparel.

Monrõ 誕生のきっかけは、世の中にはファッションと結びつきのあるアウトドアギアがほとんど存在していない、ということに気づいた。90年代初頭のこと。






そこから、2人がファッション、音楽、アウトドア、家族をベースに新しいライフスタイルを模索し始めたのが Monrõ の始まり。いよいよ Monrõ が始動していく。


プロトタイプの初フィールドテストは、毎年遊びに行っていた『朝霧jam』。 やっぱり映えるね。周りの反応も上々!俄然やる気が出てきた。あれから4年、試行錯誤の中で2009年漸く初の展示会に漕ぎ着け、2010年春 とうとう Monrõ がデビューした。


中野 ハジメ
80‘s後期、10代後半で野外レイブに出会い衝撃を受ける。以来、野外パーティーでHappyに過ごす為にアウトドアギアを手に入れ没頭していく。それから「アウトドアしている」という自覚無しに“本格的野営(Outside Living)”をハブとした”、サーフィン、パーティー、登山を楽しんできた。その経歴は20年以上にも及ぶ。

森 由美
1990年文化服飾専門学校 入学。偶然、仲の良くなった先輩達がアウトドア好きが多く、各フィールドで遊びまくる。その頃からスタイルとアウトドアは融合しており、patagonia、L.L.Bean、NIKE ACG 等で身を固めていた。卒業後、縁あって HELLY HANSEN、BERT PULITZER 等の企画に携わる。
初めてのフェスは伝説の1997年FRF。嵐の洗礼を受けて以降、04年アメリカの BONNAROO FEST.では竜巻、雷雨、酷暑(サンダーストーム)を経験する。以来、ファッション性を重視しながらも、妥協無いファンクションを併せ持つギアの追求が始まる。

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